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Our Programme

In La Kiddy, children get to explore everything from science to music and arts in playful ways. We believe that learning should be fun and curriculum is structured in clear sequential sets of experiences so that new learning is engaged with the child’s schema of knowledge, resulting in effective learning outcomes.

The curriculum used covers four primary dimensions of growth; knowledge, skills, dispositions and feelings.


​Bodily Expression

Arts &














Toddlers Club focuses on an integrated and interconnected approach to the holistic development of children. Attention is given to children’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive aspects of learning. Is also incorporated art and music into syllabus to develop a love learning child.

Playgroup ( Toddlers Club )

Below 3 yrs old

Our primary focus is to develop and support children’s language and communication, physical growth & social and emotional skills. Crucial physical and mental development occurs during these years.

Learning is supported through large and small group sessions with both planned and spontaneous child-initiated activities. In addition to these activities, we do not limit learning to an enclosed classroom space but encourage ongoing exploration with an additional outdoor area designated for learning /play area. By the time children are ready to move up to kindergarten, they are on the road to understanding their basic emotions, have greater physical control and are positively interacting and communicating with those around them.

Without pressure, we prepare children for reading and writing. Children are exposed to phonics, reading and writing simple words. To understand a growing range of simple mathematical concepts, children are exposed to recalling number symbols, shapes and patterns.

We prepare children for structured daily routines by facilitating activities that allow for logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving strategies.

Pre-Nursery & Nursery

3 - 4 yrs old

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Our primary focus is to give children a head-start to their subsequent education journey in both national and international syllabus.

In K1 & K2, the child is challenged to undertake more formal tasks of reading, writing and arithmetic. A more structured curriculum is employed, where letter recognition and writing and social interaction become the main thrust of instruction. Our curriculum programme is in line with National Pre-school Standard Curriculum (KSPK).

While traditional classrooms are generally designed to develop a child’s theoretical knowledge, the other aspects of learning such as moral development, social development, creative development, civic development, emotional development and physical development of a child are developed by co-curricular activities where is included in our full-day program. Children also feel a greater sense of belonging and have higher self-esteem at school when they participate in structured sports, performing arts and other activities.


In addition, the co-curricular opportunities we provide makes for a more motivated and engaged group of children, which leads to a happier and more cohesive school.

Kindergarten (K1 & K2)

5 - 6yrs old

School Hour at La Kiddy Preschool

Monday to Friday


9:00am to 12:00pm (Half Day)

9:00 am to 5.30pm (Full Day)


8.45am to 12.30pm (Half Day)

8.45am to 5.30pm (Full Day)

K1 & K2

8.30am to 5.30pm (Full Day)

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